Perth’s Perves Rejoice Speed Limit on West Coast Drive Reducing to 40km/h

It’s a great day for Perth’s leering community after it has been announced the speed limit on West Coast Drive will be lowered to 40km/h.

While the community already do drop their speed on this road they say they will no longer feel the pressure of a car being up their arse while they try to indulge in their favourite hobby – being creeps.

We spoke to a creep who said he often goes several hours out of his way to enjoy a cruise up West Coast Drive each day. Adding,

“Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have someone beeping at you because you’ve slowed down to make women uncomfortable? I have rights just like every other motorist so it’s good that the Council has recognised that”

Naturally, beachgoers are in twp minds about the proposal. While it will make the job of perves easier it will also create a sense of safety.

We spoke to a beach babe who says she always feels a few eyeballs burning a hole in her back when she walks along West Coast Drive. Adding,

“I’ve caused three car accidents. It’s so ridiculous that I’ve started calling my arse the insurance premium. I think people will feel safer but I expect the same amount of creep-related car bingles”

There you have it. An ambitious move by the Council that could be benefiting the wrong people.

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