Scarborough changes street signs to Portuguese to acknowledge the official language of the area

The City of Stirling has made a bold move to acknowledge the true character of Scarborough and changed the street signs to reflect the first language of the area.

The majority of Scarborough residents have applauded the move and have said it will make life a lot easier for them. We spoke to João who had taken a break from waxing his surfboard, he told The Times,

“It’s about time Scarborough acknowledged it belongs to the Brazilians. Just look at us, we are fit, beautiful and give Scarborough its unique flavour. I’m about to take my shirt off and walk up and down the Esplanada eating some exotic fruit. I’ll get at least 5 phone numbers. Time all the white skinned sunburned freaks showed some respect”

Similarly, Gabriela who lives with another 8 Brazilian girls in a 2×1 just off the beach said she was thought the initiative was long overdue. Adding,

“It’s very confusing when our family & friends visit and they wonder what foreign suburb they have wandered into. All this English everywhere? Why is there English in Scarborough? This is own town”

Naturally, not everyone is thrilled with the change. We spoke to Dean, a resident Scabs turbo, who is born & bred right here in Perth. He told The Times,

“Look if I could read I’d be pissed off about this so I think I should say something. Last I checked the Brazilian Republic of Scarborough was still in Perth, I don’t reckon they should be getting all the puss. Check out my squat video, see those quads? Aussie muscle mate, still worth something on this beach”

The street signs will remain in Portuguese for a 2 year trial period. After which, the population of Scabs is expected to be over 99% Brazilian.

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