Aussie farmer sets up cameras in Woolies negotiation room to help stop the real theft

A Western Australian farmer has set up a series of cameras in the negotiation room before his meeting with Woolworths to help stop the blatant theft he knows is coming.

He said he got the idea from visiting one of Woolworth’s stores and noticing there were more cameras than customers. Adding,

“Security cameras are a great deterrent to stop people stealing so hopefully the cameras I have brought with me will encourage Woolworths not to completely bend my over the barrel and fleece me for everything I have”

Unfortunately, not even the presence of the cameras could stop Woolies from doing what Woolies does best.

A spokesperson for the retail giant told The Times,

“Yeah, he got us on camera but what’s he going to do? Head over to Coles they’ll match out shit deal and commit daylight robbery too. Just for trying to protect his livelihood we knocked 50c off the head of each sheep”

Naturally, the farmer was forced to accept the deal that pretty much meant he’d be working for peanuts. Well, not those fancy salted ones, the unsalted, shit ones that cropdusting freaks dip their hand into while browsing.

Cheers Woolies.

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