NASA presents WA with plan to put a rover on Two Rocks to search for intelligent life

NASA has provided WA with a radical plan to continue to investigate the further reaches of the galaxy. This time to search for intelligent life at the very ends of Perth’s sprawl.

NASA along with many other powerbrokers in the space sector are currently in Western Australia for the Indo-Pacific Space and Earth Conference.

We spoke to an audience member who said there was a real buzz in the room when NASA made its presentation. Adding,

“It’s a massive collaboration and one that could answer a lot of questions that Perth residents have about the nature of our outer reaches. WA has previously sent an exploratory robot to the area but the last data received back shows it was critically struck with some type of metallic cylinder with strange markings, 6.9% was what we saw”

We understand that the head of the Australian Space Agency raised concerns over the safety of the mission. Another audience member told The Times,

“He said the ASA had intelligence that suggested there were hostile life forms in Two Rocks and any attempts to send a rover in would result in almost certain damage to the expensive equipment”

Indeed, they feared the rover would be turned into some type of cray pot or crude watercraft. Accordingly, NASA agreed that plans to send one of their astronauts with the rover would be scrapped pending further information.

While there is no proof of intelligent life in the area there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from colonies established on Yanchep. They have also urged NASA to be careful, adding,

“Two Rocks? Wouldn’t go there mate, somethings can’t be put back the box, if you catch my drift. Just leave it alone I reckon, shit fishing spots too”

NASA has been reminded that the Australian military was called into the area back in 2009 when King Neptune went crazy and demanded a blood sacrifice.

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