Netball Team A Little Scared Of What Friend Becomes When She’s On The Court

By all reports, Nat is the sort of stand-up woman that would give you the shirt off her back. A pillar of the community and a well-respected professional. That’s of course until she puts on her WA bib on the court. Then all bets are off. 

Nat is a proud member of the “Tinderellas”, a social netball team that she rules over with an iron fist. She’s the self-described captain, star player, and coach and if you bib up next to her then you are in her world now. 

See each week, Nat switches from a fun-loving, country girl to a psychopathic, she-demon from the lowest levels of Dante’s Inferno. Some say it’s laying it on a bit thick for social sport but Nat says she is “passionate”.

Her special blend of verbal abuse, deranged facial gestures and seeming desire to turn netball into a full-contact sport has earned her many cautions in her league.

Rose admittedly fell off the unco tree and hit every branch. Nevertheless, she enjoys getting out each week to exercise and spend time with the girls. Alas, last week she turned over the ball several times due to her clutzy gammon mitts. She told The Times,

“I’m a bit of a fumbler and I could see the look in Nat’s eye getting increasingly menacing with every fumble. I love Nat but she scares the shit out of me on the court. She looked at me like a Kevin Federline’s parents must look at him”

Ocular staunchings aren’t the only trick in Nat’s wheelhouse, however. Also opts for full-blown screaming fits at the umpires for calls she deems inadequate. 

An ump remembers the time Nat missed a potential game-winning shot and went on a tirade about the defender not being 3 feet from her. She told The Times,

“I volunteer after work, I didn’t need that shit. She was in my face screaming that the opposition wasn’t 3 feet and if I don’t know how to use my whistle I should just shove it up my arse. She then said she knows people in the ATO who can make my life a living hell”

Another social volunteer copped a similar fate when, upon losing for the 4th week in a row, Nat went on a nail check rampage demanding to know why these players were permitted to play with “talons”. 

However, as soon as the game is done, and she’s given each team member her “notes” on their performance, Nat settles back into friend mode and enjoys a Chardy with the girls. 

Tania, one of Nat’s best friends told The Times,

“Yeah, she’s an animal. One minute she’s grabbing you in the huddle saying you mum should’ve swallowed you for that kinda weak defence and the next she’s posting a group shot on IG talking about how she loves her netty girls”

Nat maintains that her behaviour is completely fine and if anyone has a problem with it they can put on a bib and tell it to her face next week. 

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