Personal Injury Lawyers Volunteer To Drive Ambulances To Relieve Pressure In WA

In response to WA’s unacceptable ambulance situation, a dedicated community of personal injury lawyers has agreed to step up and do what needs to be done. 

From chasing ‘em to driving ‘em, it’s really the best situation for all involved, the patient gets to the hospital and I get a solid 20 minutes to get a big 6 figure compo claim in their mind”, a Perth lawyer mused as they began to actually lick their lips at the prospects.

In anticipation of the volunteer work, P.I lawyers have been embarking on both defensive driving courses and studying the St John of God material to be better able to decipher the exact nature of the emergency the client.. umm… patient in the back is experiencing. 

Some members of the legal industry have called the move a bit greasy. Querying whether a patient in an ambulance is in the right mental state to be dazzled by “no win, no fee promises”.

However, a P.I lawyer denied it was untoward, telling The Times,

“You want to talk about response times? No one’s getting to that ambulance faster than me mate, it’s my entire business model. I’ll even proactively look for accidents if I’m not getting any calls”

Furthermore, patients who may have an actionable claim will have more time to rest, as they won’t be required to come down to some legal office to discuss their case. The lawyers told us,

“That’s the best part, it’s like a one-stop shop for their medical and legal needs to be met. What a world we are living in. You name one lawyer you’ve ever dealt with that delivered that kind of service?”

A patient that had to wait over an hour for an ambulance welcomed the initiative, telling The Times,

“It’s about time lawyers did some good in this world. If I have to hear about my prospects of getting rich in the process then so be it. You’d think this would be a big conscious clearer for many of those sharks”

We asked if the P.I lawyers would take it a step further and undertake some advanced first aid courses to be of even more help given the ambulance ramping situation. A lawyer told us, 

“Christ no, I would’ve just spent 20 minutes explaining the claim they have, I’m not about to go and catapult myself right into defendant town mate”

Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen.

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