Perth Tradies Launch Class Action Against “Discriminatory” Happy Hour Times

A group of Perth tradies has sought legal advice to launch a class action against the majority of Perth pubs for the happy norm being between 5-6 pm, “4 if we’re lucky”

A law firm that can’t be named is working on filing papers with The Australian Human Rights Commission alleging Perth hospo is blatantly breaching some farken section of some cunnova act by not offering happy hours when most tradies knock off, from 2-4. 

Local tradie, Max, has been plumbing around Perth for 20 years and is livid at the blatant favouritsm “happy hours” are shown to “suit-wearing dogcarnts” who thinking knocking off at 5 represents “a hard farken day’s work”. He told us,

“Yeah, git farrrked mate, what do us tradies get, the fkn promotional cheap pint? $8 for carlton dry of someshit, when these suit wearing squeezers swoon in at 5 for a 7 buck 6%’er?? Mate, I’ve been slamming piss since 2:45 mate, full price too, don’t I deserve a fkn discount?”

It’s a sentiment echoed throughout the Perth construction industry. Local chippy Clyde told us,

“They’re having a laugh innit? I knock off in North Perth and have to wait until 5 for happy hour. I’m practically putting that bar owner’s kids through uni mate. I’ve had 7 pints before they get cheaper, it’s discrimination, lad”

Not only do some of the hardest-working citizens in Perth have to do 2/3rds of their drinking at full price but they are single-handedly fuelling the pub’s TABs. It’s hard to argue that the 3 pm Hi-Vis brigade are a boon for most local pubs around Perth. 

We understand that the class action will not only compel Perth hospitality venues to offer an early bird happy hour as “par for the course” but also maintain their current happy hours so hard working cobs can “really take the edge off”.

Damo is a concreter that recently found himself on a residential job in Highgate and had to wait until the local put offered even a $2 discount on his favourite beer, Swanny D, he told us,

“Mate, I weerrrrrk hard and I play hard kent, I’ll be 8 Swanny D’s deep by 4:45, it’s about time someone stuck up for the little guy ay”

It’s unclear whether the commission has the power to compel local pubs to offer a more equitable happy hour but for the sake of the overpaid tradesman doing it though, it can’t come too soon if it’s possible. 

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?