Real Estate Agent Moving To Area Looking To Consolidate Community FB Group Power

Patricia loved everything about the new suburb she was moving into, except of course, for one thing – the hold an established local real estate agent has over the local FB community group. 

Reports have surfaced that a real estate agent that recently moved into a Northern suburb’s property has been consolidating her own supporter base by undermining the established admins and even floating the idea of a “fresh start”.  See, before deciding to pull up stumps and take advantage of the housing market, Patricia ruled her suburb’s FB page with an iron fist after establishing it some years ago. 

To some, adminship is just a silly little folly but to Patricia it was so much more. It was local knowledge. It was a captive market for her house listings, and most importantly it was POWER. 

A member of the group told The Times,

“I got a message from this lady saying she was new to the area and whether I thought the local community page was being run well. She’d done her research because not 2 weeks ago, I had a massive tantrum on the page because my post taken down, I asked if it was aloud!!!”

Further reports suggest Patricia is running a subterfuge cell with a handful of well established burner accounts that she made to look like residents interested in the area. 

Local real estate agent and current admin told The Times,

“All these posts keep popping up about admin needing to do a better job. I do a FINE job! Then I hear this new bitch is messaging around asking whether MY GROUP has run its course!!!! She honestly think she’s the first to come for my crown, It’s going to get real ugly in here?????”

Patricia claims that all the rumours are defamatory and she will sue anyone who alleges she is attempting to influence the group’s decision on admins. However, she noted,

“All I can say is I made a very generous offer to help with admin duties, citing my experience at building a bigger & better group in my old area. My offer was rejected but she should know I always get what I want. So I offered her Plata but she took Plomo”

We can report that in an act of direct aggression, a rival page has been set up as of this morning. It was a shocking move and all eyes are now on the established real estate agent. How is she going to react?

A display of weakness now could be the end of her group. Meanwhile, Patricia is sitting back reaping the bounty from her seeds of discontent. 

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