WA motorist’s outlook on driving improves after deciding to throw up more shakas

Jezza often found himself getting lost in the endless frustration & negativity that even a short drive on WA roads can bring out in a motorist. He was always one cut-off away from a full mouth froth and was aging prematurely because of it. 

He knew that he had to find inner zen or forever resign to his fate as just another road goblin swinging his mechanical club. So one day, after being let in after misjudging a lane he decided to throw up a shaka in gratitude. 

This was a life-changing moment for the former road rager as he recounted to The Times,

“I look back and the cunny isn’t even shaking his head at my muppet driving. He’s got a huge grin and he’s chucked a shaka right back at me. God, it was pure mate, they reckon a courtesy wave makes ya feel good well a shaka is full-blown smack mate. I needed more”

Indeed, the more shakas he gave the more shakas he got. It was a self-sustaining economy of goodwill and he found himself at least 50% calmer on the roads. He continued to elaborate on his experience,

“Now I’m not saying I don’t wanna run some dog off the road and take to them with me trye iron. Of course I do but the thought of me next shaka exchange gets me through them darker thoughts, oroight? It’s like paying it back ay, you send out positive voibes into the world and you get positive voibes back”

Jezza has gone even further than to just replace the courtesy wave with a shaka. He also practises random acts of shakas. Throwing the endearing hand gesture to other motorists for no reason at all other than they happen to be passing him at the same time. We spoke to a motorist who was on the receiving end of on of Jezza’s shakas,

“I was having a pretty ordinary day, I’d just come out the business end of a peak hour freeway merge and there wasn’t much light in my heart. Then I pass this dude in a work ute and gives me a nod and then the most amazing thing happened, he raised his arm up, not to hurl a bourbon can at me but to shaka me. I couldn’t resist returning fire. What a moment”

It has been so successful for Jezza’s inner zen that he’s decided to take the practice off-road too. Throwing shakas at bottlo staff, posties, flight attendants and basically anyone else who needs a little pick me up. 

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