Taj gives housemate Nic Cage the hard word after new pack of Tim Tams were gone in 60 seconds

It appears there is a bit of trouble in paradise, with Taj Burrow feeling like his new housemate Nicolas Cage has been taking some liberties with his snacks. 

We can report the incident that occurred on Thursday afternoon when South West surfer Taj returned home after a shop and put away a cheeky pack of Tim Tams he’d grabbed for himself vanished in record time. 

A source close to the surfer told The Times,

“Taj is pretty easy going as you’d imagine but every Australian has their line. For Taj it was Nic housing the entire pack of delicious chocolate biscuits before he even had one himself. He was pretty pissed off, not going to lie”

We understand that Taj sat Nic down and reminded him that while mi casa e su casa, he would still go “point break” on him again if he touched his snacks again. To atone for the incident, Taj has asked if Nic could pick up the next carton of beers on his way home. A reasonable gesture. 

By all reports, Nicolas was apologetic but the fact he was still munching on the last biscuit while apologising only seemed to inflame the situation. A spokesperson for the actor told The Times,

“Let he who hasn’t lost themselves in a disgusting Tim Tam binge cast the first stone! Nic has been busy and needs all the extra energy he can get. He also said that lowkey Taj’s spag bol is terrible”

Every Aussie spag bol is terrible, Mr Hollywood, and it doesn’t give you the right to scoff an entire pack of biscuits. Clearly, this is a sentiment that Taj agrees with after leaving a post-it note on a back-up pack of TeeVee snacks. 

In Nic’s defence, he hasn’t needed to navigate the logistics of share housing for some time. However, he did take the opportunity to fire back and his spokesperson told The Times,

“Are we going to mention Taj’s loud pissing in the early morning? He goes straight for the water not the side of the bowl. I don’t know what life is like on the tour but back on dry land we have etiquette. We live in a society, after all”

There you have it. No matter how famous you are, share houses are the worst thing in the world. 

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