The Ukraine/Russian Conflict Expert

One can only marvel at the confidence of Thommo as he wades fearlessly into the waters of Russia/Ukraine political analysis without being burdened by a second’s education on the matter. 

With such a complex history one could excuse themselves from not being an expert in the relationship between Russia & Ukraine but Thommo isn’t that kind of man.

Although, sadly, thanks to “censorship” a lot of Thommo’s old source of scholarly information (Youtube) have dried up a bit. Again, this isn’t a deterrent to a man like Thommo. 

See, the thing about Thommo is every opinion he seems to come up with sounds like the kind of things you’d hear dribbling out of the mouth of the last guy away after a 3-day bender. You know, the kind of well-formed argument you’d only see written in shit on the walls of a padded cell. 

Much like Putin, he’s been waging his own offensive against FB comments section over the last few days. Undeterred by threats of Zucc sanctions against him he continues firing ignorance into the digital airspace. He updates his status,

“Haah ha media runnin NATO diversion NARRATIVE agen!!? World dunt know its too late aiiii… china (cheers MAOGOWAN) already talk with Putin… what did u think 99.99999% viral survival rate and u all wet the bed aha ah h, its the GREAT RESET weather u lyke it or not”

The who’s who of the “Biden is a lizard person” school of thought race in to support Thommo’s analysis. He’s nailed it, they reckon – then again, they tend to froth over any mention of this supposed “new world order”.

Full of more confidence than Clive Palmer at an all you can eat buffet, Thommo heads to some News article comment sections to conduct a lecture in political conflict 101,

“It’s not an invaaasion, its not bout Ukraine. WAKE UP stop readin lamestream media ahah. The rona was about communism (u all submitted ahaha) china did this to take Tiewon… new communist order, wy u think i dont wear a mask???”

After arguing with everyone, he turns his attention to another article about sanctions, he writes, 

“World has learned nothin… oh um SANCTIONS sound like MANDATES ahah how that work out for ya? 10 million in Canberra rememba? Putin will look at sanctions like I done at mask mandate at bunnings, made that lil worker PISS”

He’s so deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracies he doesn’t even know which ones link up with which ones anymore. He’s a drop away from a Q party and he appears genuinely baffled other people can’t see it for what it is. 

By the end of the day, Thommo has written over 500 comments on Facebook and you better believe he’s just getting started. He busks a jig on the glass panflute and fires up for 24 hours straight of indulging his deepest conspiracies. Who knows where he’ll end up?

Well, it seems to manfiest in a lengthy rant about Labor shills wanting to help China in their plans to do whatever, (communists be communising, he muses).

He’s cracked the code, it’s all about getting the ALP back in power. Cheers Thommo, impressive international flex from Albo tbh.

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