WA Man Selling Tinnie Seems To Have Mistaken His Shitbucket For a Super Yacht

Old mate Damon is at it again. This time taking to Scumtree & FB Marketplace to flog off his second-hand tinnie for an exorbitant price. Is he back paddling on the crustal oar Perhaps.

Boasting significant corrosion and an 8HP motor that needs a bit of a “boot up the arse” to get working, Damon has listed the complete package for $10K. A price that he claims is basically “giving it away”. He told The Times,

“Covid tax baby. Once those borders shut BCF’ing flog worth his mullet upped the price on his toys by at least 50%. I really should be asking $12k for this shitty little tinnie but the misso says if I don’t claim out some space in the driveway she’ll shack up with me brother”

We spoke to a potential buyer who contacted Damon to ask him what the fark was wrong with him. He told The Times,

“I told him $10k was ridiculous for a shitbucket. I made an offer of $3k for the lot and told him he’d be lucky to get a better one. He tried to organise a meeting so he could fight me”

It appears this isn’t Damon’s first rodeo. He has serious pedigree when it comes to overvaluing his dogshit possessions. Just last year he tried to flog off a 2002 HiLux for $80k. He told The Times,

“I kept getting all these messages asking if I could share what I was smoking ha ha. People just don’t understand what they got. I do though. I know what I got and this tinnie is hot. Real hot”

He’s not wrong. In fact, if fisheries catch him raiding one more crab net they’ll take the tinnie off him. A fate Damon claims he has coming. 

Get in touch with Damon today for the buy of a lifetime. 

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