Tough times for Perth man who ceremoniously banished long pants from his wardrobe last week

Perth man Johnno took last week’s pleasant weather as a sign we were over the hump and it was nothing but sunburns and shine from that point on. Sadly, Perth had a curve ball for him.

Shivering stubbornly in a beer garden, Johnno has vowed to not set foot outside his house again until the situation improves. He told The Times,

“I misjudged it, plain and simple. Didn’t expect this filth this week and let me tell you I am not too happy about it. Not too happy at all”

Unfortunately, Johnno not only removed his long pants from his wardrobe but doused them in metho and lit them on fire in his backyard. It was his way of forgetting the cold and getting ready to embrace a solid 8 months of short-wearing bliss. 

Alas, the savage minimums this week are not looking like easing off. Leaving Johnno with two options – borrow some long pants from a mate or alternatively, sulk within the warm confines of his house until the weather comes good and does what it should.

It should not be a surprise to anyone which option the big orse is taking. See you in late December, he says. 

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