Sharehouse harmony torn apart after FIFO schedules change to now coincide with each other

Two mid-30s FIFO workers had thought they’d found domestic bliss. A spacious 3-bedroom apartment in Rivervale that they’d have to themselves on their week off due to their “perfect” FIFO rosters. 

It was a perfect living arrangement as the men almost never saw each other. At one point, even forgot each other’s names. Which they described as a “beautiful moment in share house history”.

However, this domestic bliss wouldn’t last after Adam messaged Brett to let him know that he’s picked up a new gig and their schedules are now going to coincide. Adam told The Times,

“It was the hardest message I’d ever sent. I just knew as soon as Brett, I think his name is, reads the message he’s going to feel the emotional gut punch I felt when I was informed of me new swing. Spewin’ mate”

Indeed, Brett received the message and proceeded to smash a hole in the wall of his donga. After calming himself down with back-to-back pork recorder solos, he told The Times,

“I just felt me world crumble around me. If it wasn’t for the bloke’s disgusting high-protein skiddies I wouldn’t even know carnt lived in the same pad as me. Now on me week off I’m gonna have to get to know him. This is the worst thing that’s happened to anyone”

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Adam shares his concerns. After receiving the devastating news, Adam snooped around Brett’s room to get some clues on what the bloke will be like. What he found shocked him to his core, 

“Fark, every piece of clothing he owns is either Unit or Jet Pilot. Not to mention the pipe in his bedroom drawer. This blokes gonna be hectic I just know it”

Yep. Brett indeed is hectic but has his own concerns about Adam. He told The Times,

“We had a few days together over the X-Mas break and the flog’s this gym bro meathead type. I came home after the broths and the whole place stunk of tuna. Last thing I needed to smell after what I done”

Sorry lads, it’s just the way that the rental cookie crumbles sometimes. 

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