Community distressed after kid dresses as Kwinana Freeway roadworks for Halloween

A SOR family has drawn the ire of fellow residents after “overdoing it” on the “scare factor” for their kid’s Halloween costume. Opting to dress the young man up as the Kwinana Freeway roadworks. 

Families in the deep southern suburb said they didn’t want to censor costumes but causing that kind of terror, especially amongst the older, driving-aged residents, was simply a step too far. 

It all kicked off yesterday afternoon when a family on the street decided to have a little neighbourhood Halloween party for the sake of the kids. Some dressed as superheroes, some as zombies, and at least one flogged-out old cougar went the whole hog as a naughty nurse. This was reportedly all fine. 

At approximately 6:15 pm, the family in question arrived with their son dressed in a road sign and prop traffic bollard for extra effect. We spoke to a local dad at the party who dropped his sausage at the sight of it all,

“Too much, too much. We’re all here trying to enjoy a snag and admire ol’ Danielle in her nurse outfit and this new family waltz in and hit us with a 5 punch terrifying combo like that. Too real, too raw, man”

Another mum who had battled the Kwinana Freeway for decades also said she didn’t appreciate the costume, telling The Times,

“I instantly dry heaved and wanted to curl up into a little ball. It was disgusting. So graphic. Actually using the same colours and a real photo of a roadwork sign. What kind of sicko would allow their child to dress like that?”

The family, however, are defiant in their choice and have vowed to allow their child to wear the spooktacular costume tonight during the trick or treater spectacle. Telling The Times,

“Life is cruel, life is scary, so why bubble wrap the realities we all face? It’s not like we dressed the kid up as the rental market or a hospital bed you’ll never get. Geez, you’d think someone stuck their dick in the spooky cheese dip they way they looked at us!”

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