Tricia Praised For Living To 65 And Never Lecturing A Millennial About Interest Rates Back In The Day

If there was any doubt that Tricia was special, the fact that she never once raised her trunk to tell a millennial about the interest rates back in her day is truly astounding. 

Sources close to the Perth icon said that the big girl was one of the very few sexagenarians who were unable to resist the urge to tell millennials they have nothing to complain about after recent interest rate hikes. 

We spoke to a woman struggling to break into the Perth property market. She recounted a special moment with Tricia on their last encounter, 

“We needed a distraction from all the doom & gloom going on in the economy so we went to the zoo.Tricia was born in the mid 50s so were were expecting another spiel about how easy we have it”

She paused for a moment while her eyes teared up. Before continuing,

“But instead she gave us a reassuring look – like we were entitled to feel glum. No one that age has ever understood us as much as her”

Another man who decided to abandon his plans to buy a house this year so he can save more for a deposit had a similar experience, 

“She saw me out of the corner of her eye eating an avocado focaccia and a coffee. Any other 65 year old would’ve judged me for that. Told me that’s why I’ll always be a broke loser but Tricia had a twinkle in her eye, she understood that you have to enjoy life too”

You will be missed big girl. Not just for your nuanced view of the issues facing a new generation but for your outlook on life in general.

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