WA man forced to feign interest in family to fill void between footy and test cricket season

It’s always a difficult time of the year for sports fanatic Todd. Especially given the lacklustre end to the footy season. To say he’s fangin’ for some Aus-centric sports entertainment is an understatement. 

To fill the void between September and November, has decided to “give his family a red hot go” and feign interest in his stupid kid’s lameo hobbies. He told The Times,

“I’m learning a lot about the little ones under my roof. The larger one apparently likes the TikyTok and the other one has just started talking. Doesn’t have much to say but. Unlike Kerry O’Keefe, now there’s a man that can fill the dead air”

Todd’s wife has enjoyed her husband’s return but can tell his heart really isn’t in it when she explains her latest macramé project. She told The Times,

“He’s just one of those men who really struggles to exist in society outside the main sporting seasons. Really just going through the motions. I was making mulberry jam with him yesterday. Never seen someone so bewildered”

Todd confirmed that the only jam he’s interested in is the tail order batsman chasing an aggressive total on the last day of the test. He continued,

“Just found out the larger son of mine likes T20 cricket. Really makes me wonder where I went wrong. This is why I need 3-4 blockbuster days of footy a week. To avoid learning this kind of distressing information”

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