“Perth is not a big country town!” Says Man Doing His Best To Look Like A Jackaroo Everyday

A man who works on the Terrace as a corporate miner has refuted allegations from his Melbourne friends that Perth is just a “big country town” while dressed in the full Twiggy ensemble of R.M Williams boots, chinos and an Akubra hat. 

Tensions came to a head earlier today when the visiting friends were out with the urban cowboy for a New Year’s Day celebration. A witness to the scene said one of the Melbourne guys was whining about the opening hours of a Woolworths. Adding,

“It was pretty weird. Seeing this dude who obviously romanticises the outback image getting so upset over this Melbourne tool calling us a backwater shithole country town. I was thinking mate, you aren’t doing our image much good dressed like that”

The man tried to defend his attire by stating that the boots will last him a lifetime, the chinos are the only pants that fit him properly and an Akubra was top tier sun protection. It was obviously just a huge coincidence he was wearing it all together. No one was convinced.

In his impassioned rant, the aggrieved Perth man pointed out that tossers from Shitney and Smellburn also love to rock the RM look. It was a fair point but rebutted quickly when a man at the scene said you can wear what you like when your Woolies opens at 8. 

The group argued with several hours before the Perth bloke decided a change of scenery was needed. Unfortunately, he took the scenic route and got a little too close to Ascot. Where he spotted a horse tied up outside a petrol station. 

It was at that moment the 6000 Jackaroo gave up his argument. 

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