albo's vape ban

FIFOs Threaten To Bring Industry To A Grinding Halt Over Vape Ban

As of a stroke past midnight this morning, non-prescription vapes containing nicotine are now banned in Australia.

This naturally has pissed off the FIFO community who expressed their dismay at the change to Aussie vape laws which will of course hit the WA mining industry the hardest.

The situation is so serious that Unions are currently in the process of deciding on what industrial action to take. A strike is likely. 

Under the vape ban, non-prescription vapes containing the good stuff are now banned. A favourite among both youths and FIFO workers due to their wide range of flavours and the relative ease to acquire them. We spoke to a long-term FIFO worker who said he couldn’t be farked with the changes. He told The Times,

“I don’t wanna go back to the old days. Fkn massive clunky vape and mixing me own juice that I had to smuggle in from fark knows where. Fark that ya dog. I just want to suck on the blueberry-dick in peace while I bloody fuel this fkn country”

Accordingly, an estimated 60,000 FIFO workers are expected to walk off the job next week if Albo doesn’t back down on the ban. An industry insider told The Times,

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“Their message is very simple. No vape, no work and you know what that means for the nation’s economy. Even just a few days of go slows will render Albo’s over 55’s jobseeker promise uneconomical. They really have the Government by the short & curlies”

Other FIFO workers have promised far more extreme action. With local Big Orse and all round menace to society, Spyda told The Times,

“I love vapes more than me kids mate. Whoever they are. I sent that PM cunny an email saying I’d be waiting outside his house if these laws go through. I’ll hospitalise him”

Experts hope the Government can reach some middle ground with the FIFOs. Perhaps rather than a ban just enforce some basic ID checks to stop selling nicotine vapes to children. Something radical like that. 

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