WA couple in a pretty commanding position to start up a farmer’s market after latest visit to nonno 

A young WA couple now has enough stock to run a small farmer’s market out the back of their home after a quick visit to Carlo’s nonno yesterday afternoon. 

After being forced fed like a X-Mas turkey for 1.5 hours, Frank turned his mind to lemons. Particularly, how keen his grandson and his partner were on the lemons 

After Carlo expressed a passing interest in the citrus, nonno hatched his plan. With a short, abrasive wave of the hand, the couple were led to Frank’s backyard where he began handing them bag after bag of various fruits, herbs and jars he had available. 

We spoke to Carlo who was coming to peace with his new life as a fresh produce salesman,

“No normal human has any need for all this shit. He kept dismissing my protests that I’d had enough and muttered about Limoncillo. I think I have about 15 bottles of it at home already”

After the couple took several large bags of produce to the car, Frank noticed they’d arrive in a rather roomy Mazda CX-7. This is when his lights allegedly “lit up”. Carlo told The Times,

“When he saw the boot space something came over him. He told us to wait while he hobbled back to the yard and emerged 5 minutes later with even more bags. Telling us that, you take, you take”

Carlo and his partner had planned to have friends over for a BBQ today but are too busy preparing for their new venture. Carlo’s partner Sofia told The Times,

“I wasn’t that happy as an accountant anyway so I guess fruit & veg stall operator will be fun. It’s my life now anyway, so I’d better get used to it”

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