Eastern State Relative Under Heavy Fire After Bringing Up Daylight Saving During WA Visit

Smellburn man, Anthony, didn’t understand what he was unleashing after bringing up Daylight Saving when he caught up with his wife’s Western Australian family this Xmas break. 

The incident occurred at about 10 am today when the extended family arrived in Margaret River for a well-earned holiday. Checking his watch, Anthony stated, “oh wow, it’s already 1 pm over East, be good if you guys had Daylight Saving”.

The mood rapidly soured after Anthony’s father-in-law and patriarch of the WA clan immediately got into his face. A witness told the Times,

“Yeah, this old boomer bloke was standing over this fancyman at a cafe. He just kept saying that they’ve had multiple referendums and it’s time to accept the will of the people. It really looked like he was about to scold the man with hot coffee if he said one more word”

In an attempt to lighten the mood, a younger relative decided to chime in with a joke that Western Australians are just worried about their curtains fading. This caused what could be described as anarchy. A witness told The Times,

“It didn’t take long before the entire family was involved. Talking about how WA gets enough sun as it is. With younger members saying they didn’t give a shit they just wanted to hit the beach after work during summer. It was getting pretty tense. This overly dressed Melbourne bloke was trying to lay low but he was very much in the thick of it”

Anthony’s mother-in-law then bailed him up and demanded to know whether he was serious about starting a family with her daughter if he thought DLS was a good idea. A witness told The Times,

“She just kept saying that he had no idea how hard it was to get kids to go to sleep when it’s still sunny at 9 at night. He was stupid enough to try and stand up for himself. He said that he loved DLS and it works fantastically in Melbourne. That’s when things got serious”

Suddenly, the WA family all turned their ire to the man. A good ol fashion DLS royal rumble is one thing but having the audacity to claim Melbourne does something better than Perth… Well. Everyone has their limits.

We can report that it took Anthony’s wife 45 minutes to convince her dad to turn around and collect Anthony from the cafe where they all agreed he would be abandoned. 

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