Man Lapping Up Credit For “Working” Over Xmas Settling In To Do Absolutely Nothing For 2 Weeks

Senior management at a mid-sized business has commended a young worker’s gumption after he selflessly agreed to not take any additional time off over Xmas and would “man the fort”. 

With the nature of the business, the joint can largely scale back operations over the Xmas period but still needs a staff member present for any logistical quirks that may come up. Spencer figures he’ll do about 15 minutes of work over the 2-week period. Telling The Times,

“I do this every year and every year they shower me with praise for being so selfless but I love it. Last year I actually didn’t get a single call or email. 2 weeks of watching Netflix on my iPad and turning the toilet into my own private den of filth”

In one particularly egregious act of work ethic, Spencer actually invited several mates around to the office to suckle from the company teat, getting through at least one carton of work beers. He told The Times,

“It’s the right work/life balance. I can do fuckall, dress how I want, smash long lunches and go home at 3 every day. Plus I don’t have to be forced to take annual leave like some of the other pelicans. What a pack of donuts”

To make it all the sweeter, Spencer has planned his annual leave for January when everyone else comes back to work looking like they’ve just come from back-to-back funerals. He told The Times,

“Yeah, I get time off during the best weather period during the year when everything is way less busy, and to think, I’m getting thanked for doing this”

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