Young Kiwi Sticks Map Of Baldivis To Bedroom Wall Hoping To Manifest His Dream

After 14 years of New Zealand life, young Tom’s mind has begun to wander to exotic and exciting places. He doesn’t know why but he feels a powerful connection with Baldivis in Perth and vows to let nothing get in his way of making his dream come true. 

To push his dream along, he heard that a vision board could be used to help “manifest” something you want in life. He couldn’t get that map of Baldivis stuck to this wall fast enough.

One day I’ll own a house on that swamp ay.It’ll be choice as”, he said while sipping on a can of L&P after his latest trip to the dairy.

A sense of euphoria fell over his eyes as he simultaneously shoved a Pineapple Lump into his mouth while thinking about the Baldives. He continued, 

“My dad told me stories about a magical land where I could get a fern bumper sticker and shop at an Aldi. He said lots of the fam were there waiting for me”

His yearning to move to Baldivis is so strong that he has saved almost every dollar he earns from chores around the house. His father told The Times,

“He’s got that true Kiwi spirit! All he talks about is rugby and Baldivis. I tried to open his mind to other possibilities like Ellenbrook but he was set on the south. He told me that he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live anywhere else in the world”

Tom’s teacher almost had his Jandals knocked off when Tom did a class presentation on Baldivis last month. He told The Times,

“I’ve seen a lot of young fellers idolise the Baldivis lifestyle but never as passionately as Tom. You could tell that it was his spiritual homeland and every minute stuck in NZ was tough for him”

Tom’s mother is feeling less jazzed about the whole thing. Lamenting that a mother shouldn’t have to deal with her baby flying the nest so early but conceding he had a great plan,

“He said he’d hook up some scaffie work in Rocko & Mandurah and call Baldivis home. Maybe get a dirt bike to go for a bash. He said the only thing stopping him was local page admins who he heard were fierce”

You gotta have a dream young man and you’ve aimed exceptionally high.