Clayton Oliver reveals he wants to chase a premiership with WAFL champions East Freo

The AFL nuffie scene has absolutely lost its shit with Clayton Oliver trade rumours. Almost anyone with a Twitter account and a former blue tick reckons they know where the Melbourne midfielder is heading.

However, The Times has been given the exclusive scoop and it appears that the superstar is destined to don the blue & white and live out a childhood dream of winning a WAFL premiership as a shark.

A source close to Clayton’s camp told The Times,

“There is a lot of speculation about Clayton’s motives. Behaviour concerns, injury management but at the end of the day the kid just wants to taste true greatness, and we all know where he can find that. Up the sharks!”

Naturally, East Freo is keeping its cards close to its chest. We spoke to an insider who said while the club was “open” to having the ball magnet on their team they have to consider other trade deals. Adding,

“East Freo has become a destination club due to its mighty granny win over Peel Thunder. It took 25 years but they are back so a lot of high-profile players want to be part of that story. The sharks have to figure out if they want Oliver, Neale, or JHF, all good candidates but it’s not an easy decision”

We have also received reports that the Melbourne beast would be “gutted” if East Freo passed on him but that it wouldn’t weaken his resolve to be part of footy’s true fairytale story. With a source close to the mid telling The Times,

“I think any other team in the AFL should be looking to make this trade work. After all, will they want Clayton playing if his heart is forever in East Freo? And why wouldn’t it be? A mighty dynasty rising from the ashes! That’s the thing about, that’s what I like about, that’s the thing about football”

So there you have it, please go ahead and ignore every other trade rumour you hear about Oliver this period. Especially from the likes of Trade Radio – aka nuffie central.

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