Albo Extends Stay In Kalgoorlie After Learning About The 6am Froffs

Prime Minister Anthony “Albo” Albanese has taken a shine to Kalgoorlie after learning about their unusual pub trading hours on his latest trip to the gold capital of WA.

Getting a weekend away from the family gave the PM the perfect excuse to indulge in the otherwise frowned upon brekkie beer. A spokesperson for the Government told The Times,

“Albo was talking to some miners and they told him that he should joint them tomorrow for an early start. He asked how early and they said froffs from 6 am. His eyes lit up. He was brought up in public housing you see”

Albo then reportedly told his entourage that the conference in Port Hedland could wait because he wanted to get on it with his new mining buds.

To sweeten the deal, the PM has already got himself involved in a lotto syndicate and went on a prospector raid to try and nab some gold. A witness told The Times,

“Should’ve seen Albo bush bash the Patrol through the Kal outback. A real natural. He was loving it. Called it a proper way to earn a living. Worked that spottie pretty good too mate”

Albo will be in Kal for the next few days and told the media that it anyone wants him he’ll be doing a few doughies in his new mate’s HSV.

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