The Louvre Scraps Mandurah Exhibit As City Loses Title Of World’s Cultural Epicentre

WA has awoken to the shocking news that one of Dambo’s Giants in Coodanup was torched overnight. Not only is it a blow to society, in general, but it has also sent shockwaves through the international art community. 

As the fallout spreads, we can confirm the curators of the Louvre Museum in Paris have quietly scrapped plans to bring many of their exhibits to the formerly known “City of Art” aka The City of Mandurah. A spokesperson told The Times,

“If you can’t trust priceless works of art to remain intact in Mandurah then where can you trust? We were even having discussions with French authorities on bringing the original Mona Lisa to Mandurah. Seemed fitting until now”

Based on the events of last night, Mandurah will miss out on housing some of the world’s most famous works of art. Which would have been another handy notch on their cultural belt. 

Similarly, The Hermitage in Amsterdam is having second thoughts too. With a spokesperson telling The Times,

“We have to reassess our entire notion of art as we know it. Days ago we couldn’t think of a more appropriate location for Rembrandt or Van gogh originals than Mandurah now we are second-guessing that instinct”

Culture vultures can rest assured that no changes have been announced to the return of the Mandurah Crab Festival however. 

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