Brand spankin’ Everlasts really make a splash in the Cas smoking area 

Amongst the glitz & glamour of the Crown Cas smoking area, all eyes were on Perth concreter Joshyewa over the weekend as he debuted a fresh pair of Everlasts.

In the high-stakes world of cas fashion, Joshyewa knew what he had and he knew how to flaunt it. We spoke to a vaper who said he really turned some heads when he came barrelling into the area early on Sunday morning. Adding,

“He was a threat and everyone knew it. Those spotless whites shone like a beacon mate. More than a couple of guys were having a good look. It was fierce”

If that wasn’t enough, Joshyewa brandished a full deck of the 4th cheapest pack of darts from the servo – and a fresh Cricket. No safety-ringed Bic for this bad boy. He was the real deal and even the ash flying around knew to avoid his Everlasts. 

Like the Pied Pippy Piper, a congression of cougars were drawn to the area to ask Joshyewa for a dart. In reality, they just wanted a slice and being the kind of man he is, he was happy to dish out his room number to anything with a pulse. 

We managed to speak to the man of the hour after he lost several pineapples on reckless bets, he told The Times,

“Lotta blokes wear Everlast but they are just pretenders mate. You see these? I’ve earned the right to wear em. You think about Everlast, you think about me, ya weak dog”

It was undeniably true. He perfectly encapsulated the Everlast brand and he proved that after a sloppy drunk spilled some bourbon & coke on his shoes. After a tense stand-off, Joshyewa had latched onto the man’s face with his teeth. 

It took several bouncers to drag him out. A grand display indeed and spectators enjoyed seeing his Everlasts kick frantically in the air as he attempted to free himself from the grasp of authority. Poetry. 

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