WA fans accused of not loving test cricket for not flying to Melbourne to fill the empty seats at the Boxing Day test

The Eastern State’s media has launched a scathing attack on Western Australian cricket fans for what they are calling a severe lack of dedication.

According to them, Western Australians should have seen the smaller than expected crowd at the MCG and immediately booked tickets to Melbourne and helped fill out the seats. That’s what a “love of cricket” looks like.

We spoke to a Victorian cricket fan who was absolutely fuming at their western countrymen. He told The Times,

“Perth ruining another test! If they actually cared about test cricket we’d have a 80k+ crowd not a 50k crowd! Can we just chop them off and let them float out into that lovely warm ocean of theirs?”

The Victorian Premier has also weighed in on the controversy. Saying that while it’s too late to do the right thing today they can certainly get here by tomorrow to make up for the fact that Melbourne considers a test match to last one day. Adding,

“If WA had any ticker at all, the MCG would have a crowd well in excess of 90k maybe even 100k. These empty seats are not the fault of Victorians”

Cricket Australia has applauded the criticism and gone a step further to say that if WA doesn’t rally around the Boxing Day test and fill those empty seats then they will be forced to reconsider future tests in Perth.

Western Australians however are not taking the abuse. Claiming that if Melbourne wanted full seats they should’ve played the game at an oval they could fill. Perhaps down in Geelong.

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