Coldplay announce they are excited to fulfil their fruit picking obligations after the concerts

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has told the pack of WA media following them around that he is looking forward to fulfilling the obligation of his temporary activity visa and spending 6 months picking fruit in regional Australia.

It’s a little broadcast fact that even the superstars of the entertainment world are subject to Australia’s harsh visa requirements.

Basically, if you want to call Australia home and your only skill is whipping an acoustic guitar around a backpacker hostel’s table then you are picking fruit baby!

A spokesperson for Coldplay said the band had already been in touch with several farms and will commence their duties next week. Adding,

“Chris is personally headed to Queensland to pick bananas due to his love of all things yellow. However other band members are staying in WA and heading to Harvey for some of our world-famous oranges”

Sources close to the band are worried that a life of luxury hotel rooms has ill-prepared them for the reality of life in some farmer’s shed with 10 other VD-riddled backpackers.

However, the Australian farming community has hit back saying they get a bloke who looks like Chris Martin every week who really enjoys the character building that comes with brutally long work days and scandalously bad pay. Adding,

“We’ve cut a deal with Chris saying he can have a few extra water breaks if he agrees to entertain us at night with his music. We reckon he’ll last a week which is about 3 times as long as most”

Critics of Coldplay are suspicious of Martin’s claims. Saying there isn’t a Brit in the world that is “looking forward” to fruit picking under the harsh Australian sun. One critic told The Times,

“Everyone who knows Chris knows he’s going to forge his fruit-picking hours! He got the idea from Bono. Seriously, wake up Australia and stop giving these spoilt rockstars such an easy run! Make them work!”

Fair enough really.

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