The Great Perth Meteor sends it over the sky

The Great Perth Meteor has sent it over the sky last night which will provide many with a welcome distraction from that disgusting easterly blowing.

Yes, Perth is in the grips of a filthy easterly that is intent on making you feel like a packet of chicken ovenables in an airfryer.

Alas, it didn’t work because the easterly is still here. Ah well, at least she was a beaut to look at. Check out the footage here:

It appears that the culture of religiously dash cam’ing every minute of driver is good for more than just catching Ranger drivers doing their ‘nana on the road.

@amberannoys Caught this on the Dash cam. Doesn't do it justice. it lit up the whole sky!! I wish the dash cam got more of it. #meteor #shootingstar #fyp #foryou #dashcsm ♬ original sound – 🩷AmberAnnoys🩷

It’s quite freshing to get footage this crisp. Normally celestial happenings are captured in haste and leave the viewer intergalactically blue balled.

@madsta_06 Thats definitely not a shooting star #perth #shootingstars #meteorshower #meteor ♬ original sound – maddison Roach

Science types have confirmed it was “sick” and that it was so bright it would have added several kilograms to the Earth (Curtin University).

Incredible meteorite over WA just now.
byu/perfectlyhydrated inperth

Not bad for a Wednesday night in sleepy ‘ol Perth. Although that’s not to see Perth isn’t a hotbed of space activity. Check out the following stories:

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