Deceased Grandfather Now Underground Enough For Hipster’s Love

Eugene is preparing for the most exclusive DJ synth set of 2023: his grandfather’s wake. Eugene and his grandfather struggled to find common ground in the years they co-inhabited the earth, but in his death Eugene was finally able to appreciate just how underground the old boy has become.

The Times caught up with Eugene at a cafe in Leederville to get the scoop on his upcoming gig:

“mahn, this set is going to go off. Everyone is like, playing warehouse gigs and silent discos, and I mean, cool brah, but whatever, ya know? I’m going to be dropping beats that are dirtier than the legal proceedings to contest old mate’s last will and testament hey”.

Eugene takes a sip of fair trade coffee before continuing,

“the set is really an exploration of relationships. I mean, anyone can bond with their grandfather while he is alive and cantankerous, but like, how profound is discovering his wisdom after he’s kicked the bucket. I’m all like, cool bro, you’re grandfather feeds ducks, but mine is so underground he’ll be rinsing with the worms hey”.

We felt slightly nauseated from the conceited fumes steaming out of the verbal shit that was spewing from Eugene’s mouth, nevertheless, we pressed on and asked him how he was preparing for the hottest set of 2023:

“going to make a late entrance to the actual funeral. Everyone will be totally bummed by death, but just like in life, the DJ will appear to make everything better. I’m going to be recording the entire day on my GoPro camera. I mean, this is like gonzo-Dj’ing to the most underground event of the year mahn, this is all time”.

Eugene will be playing from 3pm-430pm in Uncle’s backyard in Winthrop. Set times will be released closer to the date and the event is strictly invite only.

Anyone wishing to learn more can find the details on a non-nondescript flyer that is rumoured (by Eugene) to be found on a community board near the Leederville skate park.

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