Cottesloe petitions WA to rename Dunsborough “South Cott”

A grassroots movement calling themselves the League of Cott Supremacists has begun petitioning the Western Australian Government to acknowledge Dunsborough for what it is – an extension of the Western Suburbs. 

The LCS seeks to have the name Dunsborough scrapped from the record and hopefully make it legally binding on every Western Australian to address the Douth seaside community by its more realistic title. 

There are also plans to build a replica pylon in the Dunsborough water as a way of “claiming the territory” on behalf of Cottesloe.

We spoke to the leader of the LCS who said this petition had been a long time coming. Adding,

“You’ve either got Cottesloe residents who skipped out of Perth for a sea change or Cottesloe residents going down for a holiday several times a year. The town rightfully belongs to us!”

However, the petition is far more than just a name change. It is also seeking certain “rights” over the town. A spokesperson for the WA Government told The Times,

“They’ve lost it. They seek to create a ballot system for rental accommodations all year round. Naturally, to be eligible for the ballot you must show you live in the western suburbs postcode. 6011 given preference”

If the ballot system is rejected, the LCS seek legal permission for western suburb beach house owners to “openly discriminate” against holiday-makers from outside the Golden Triangle. An LCS spokesperson told The Times,

“When it comes to private rentals you can, of course, simply say it’s not available. However that doesn’t go far enough, we want to legally be able to tell people why they aren’t welcome in our lovely abodes without fear of discrimination suits”

Dunsborough residents who don’t hail from the golden triangle would rather the legislation go in the other direction and stop the inevitable takeover of their town. However, that seems unlikely. 

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