Perth Woman Asked To Leave Hen’s Party After Pronouncing Espresso Martini Correctly And At a Reasonable Volume

The organiser of a Perth Hen’s Do has sensationally made the decision to ask one of the bride-to-be’s work friends to leave after “acting like she was better than everyone”.

Kim’s crime? Ordering a round of espresso martinis without applying the traditional misnomer “expresso” and doing so at a reasonable volume. A volume not intended to pierce the ear drums of anyone within 20m.

The organiser of the party told The Times,

“Who does she think she is? We’re all out here woo’ing our hearts out and she politely orders eXpresso martinis? We don’t need that kind of smug energy in our lives”

To make matters worse, Kim also failed to make a flirtatious comment to the bartender in the hope of wrangling a free drink. 

One of the girls told The Times,

“We knew she was a bit different. I even showed her what to do on the first round. Licking the straw in my Vodka Soda like it was the guy’s peen! What’s wrong with this chick?”

Kim was shocked by the decision and contends that she had no idea it was customary to butcher the Italian language just because you’re out on a ladies’ night. Adding,

“I don’t go on many of these and obviously I haven’t brought the right energy. Even the bartender looked shocked at what I said!”

We asked if she thought the group had overreacted. She responded, 

“Well one of the other girls admitted to having a cheeky affair with one of the other’s hubbys but apparently that was all ‘yeah the girls’ but what I did was banishment worthy?”

We understand that there is no chance of a reconciliation and the ban remains. Tough crowd. 

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