Famed French pastry chef “devo” he’ll never tick “Hungry Spot, Mnt Lawley” off bucket list

One of the best in the business, who wishes to remain anonymous, has apparently broken down in tears this afternoon after finally getting around to planning a trip to Perth, Western Australia. 

A source close to the world-famous pastry chef told The Times that the man had heard the rumours about a world class late night cookery institution for years but was always too busy. Adding, 

“When one hears the name Hungry Spot, Mount Lawley, one thinks about culinary perfection. One thinks about Daytona. One thinks about the finest creamings in the land”

Chef was just 50 years old when he first heard about the late-night baking venue. A source close to the culinary giant told The Times,

“He wanted to come and get his bake on with the best of the best. He also was impartial to a serve of pomme frites with gravy. A gravy he said was described to him as the shart of the angels”

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Alas, a member of his entourage was tasked with telling the titan of the game that he’d never be able to experience the cookery again. He allegedly reacted poorly. 

A witness told The Times,

“He swore at God himself. Demanding to know what sick kind of game he was playing to age his body but not fulfil his desire to go to Hungry Spot, Mount Lawley. He howled with an anguish one rarely hears in a successful man”

It seems the entire world has Hungry Spot nostalgic fever. Unsurprising tbh. 

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