Perth Resident Who Complains Nothing Ever Happens In Perth Ready To Complain About Harry Styles Concert, Happening In Perth

A Highgate resident who often refers to Perth as “Dullsville” has complained consistently about the sound testing from HBF Stadium calling the disturbance more of a “Claremont thing”. 

According to the Highgate woman, those who pay premium for property should experience premium luxuries. Which includes premium protection from disturbance & nuisance. She told The Times,

“Concerts are so vulgar. It’s bad enough we have to deal with homeless people let alone fans who will happily act homeless to secure a spot. I’m glad our rigorous campaigning has made the ancient ritual of camping out for your beloved musical artist a CRIME. Punishable under what we hope is death”

She’s not alone. With a local Highgate man saying he’s petitioned The Council to get that Church to stop ringing its bell so often. He told The Times,

“I’ve worked hard for the honour of living in Highgate. Even if it’s on the povo side. Yeah I live in a strata, so what? Am I any less deserving of halting Perth’s progress as an entertainment capital of the world. Eat my shit”

Complaints about Harry Styles sound checking have already hit fever pitch. Authorities are urging residents to get over it. 

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