High Wycombe urged to “keep it together” given its commuters will be the first impression of life outside Perth Airport for many tourists 

In an interesting little piece of urban planning, tourists catching the new Airport Line will enter the carriage and instantly be greeted by High Wycombe residents on their daily commute. 

The Western Australian Government has conceded that it probably shouldn’t have given the role of “welcoming community” to High Wycombe but “what is done is done”. So they are calling on the fine residents of Wycky to just “keep it together”. Adding,

“Yeah so it turns out that High Wycombe residents on the train will essentially be the face of Perth outside of the airport. Not sure we really thought that one through. Do you reckon it will be alright?”

However, High Wycombe residents feel they are exactly the right people to welcome tourists to Perth. We spoke to Craigo he told The Times,

“If they can survive us, they can survive anything. This is Perth after all, they’d be heading to Melbourne if they wanted fucken rainbows and lollipops mate. This is an adventure holiday. White knuckles mate”

We understand some tour agencies have already begun giving clients a warning about Perth. Advising tourists that the FIFO workers are well marked but you may not notice you are in the vicinity of High Wycombe’s finest until it’s too late. 

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Tourists are advised to follow local High Wycombe community FB pages to figure out the extensive list of what seems to piss off its residents. Everything from cats, dirt bikes to burnout etiquette.

Perth – come for the beaches, stay because you stared at a High Wycombe bloke on the train. 

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