Kmart Mummy Threatens Legal Action Over Rival Stealing Bathroom Station “Hack” Idea

All hell has broken loose between two local Kmart Hacks FB pages with alpha-consumer and full-time Kmart-mummy, Patricia calling in the legal eagles to deal with what she claims is an intellectual property dispute. 

Doing her best to make the “i” in “IP” sound ironic, Patricia claims her bathroom station “hack” was copied by another Kmart mummy and subsequently received more praise & fanfare than she did when posting it. 

Essentially, the “hack” is some flimsy piece of shit Kmart trolley, with several poorly made jars that can sit next to the toilet and serve as a one-stop hygiene shop. Crafty? Kinda. An invention worthy of legal protection? We shall see. 

Patricia said seeking legal recourse was the last resort and unloaded every trick she’d learned as a moderator of the Kmart hack page for several years. She told The Times,

“First I tried a passive-aggressive post saying that some people should have a little more honour than to try to pass off MY HACKS as their own. When that didn’t work I sent my swarm kraft-killer-bees after that page with instructions to avenge my creation”

A Kmart hacker who is loyal to Patricia said she carried out her orders but couldn’t help to think that this particular hack lacked originality. Telling The Times,

“Did Patricia come up with it first? Maybe but let’s be honest, once you have the Kmart hack-fever, all you see is station potential. I can see how two people arrived at the same idea here. It’s just textbook unnecessary Kmart shit”

After a 3 day battle-royale between the communities, the alleged offender refused to concede. Claiming that she had thought of the hack herself and the proof was in the fact she’d use wood patterned contact film to give her station a BoHo feel. 

Insiders say that while Patricia truly believes she is the Thomas Edison of inane, tacky home decor, she is more upset at the fact the other lady’s post went a bit viral. It was the salt in the wound, if you will. 

This isn’t the first time such an action has been tried. With Patricia pulling a similar stunt back in 2021 when she claims to have invented the modified Kmart ottoman as a side table hack. 

Of course, in this situation, she was threatening to sue another Kmart mummy for defamation over public claims she’d stolen the idea off a popular YouTube channel. We understand that action was settled for an unknown quantity of Anko shit. 

While her lawyers stand to make some good coin off such an absurd folly, one should spare a thought for the IP Australia who will be on yet another 50 minute call explaining to Patricia why she can’t patent a bathroom hack. 

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