Man with E Plate & mandatory ignition interlock device doesn’t reckon anyone with an R Plate should be on the road 

News of an R Plate for drivers returning to the road after an absence due to road trauma has caused a bit of a stir on social media.

In particular, it has irked vehicular menace Traylin who is currently brandishing the combo of shame – an E Plate & court-ordered mandatory ignition interlock device. He told The Times,

“Anyone who has to have an R Plate just shouldn’t be on the road. Period. Why risk having a potentially unsafe driver on the road?”

Naturally, Traylin disagrees that he is precisely the type of driver that most of society would also like off the road. He continued, 

“People look at me interlock and E Plate and reckon I can’t drive safe. Fark off, I’m sikkk at driving I just got dogged by a booze bus ay, only had 12 beers. Can drive piece of piss on that, ay”

Traylin proceeded to show a vertically shot video of a burnout in an industrial estate car park. He claimed it was proof he was one of Perth’s best drivers and an E Plate or interlock could never take that away from him. 

However, others are doubting the potential effectiveness of an R Plate. A particularly angry Ranger driver told The Times,

“I don’t care if yas in a wheelchair van, a L plater or driving ya misso to the hospital. Get out of my farken way. I will not bend a knee to a R Plate, no”

And judging by how hard he is gripping his steering wheel waiting at a red light, you can really believe he is a man of his word.

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