Middle Aged Office Pest Keeps Forgetting Linkedin Notifies The Person He Looks Up

“Aw shit”, Dan exclaims as he realises he’s looked up a female coworker on Linkedin for the 4th time this month after 10pm. Evidently, it’s a lesson Dan can’t seem to learn. 

Winning the quaddie on the creep stakes isn’t the first time this ham of a man has made people uncomfortable via LinkedIn. 

See, Dan is a self-styled Buswellian figure and is well known around the office for being a Cuntonio Banderaz starring in a never-ending spin-off of Desperado. 

Luckily for Dan, the deep-seated nepotistic loyalty at his office keeps him in a job. Even if HR has him on speed dial. 

Laura started at the workplace last month. She experienced Dan’s thirst firsthand. Telling The Times,

“First we had a bit of morning tea to introduce me to the office. When I got back to my desk I saw this Dan character had looked me up on Linkedin at the morning tea. I saw him shove an entire party sausage roll into his mouth in one go by the way”

At the time, Laura thought it was just a coworker interested in her CV. A classic ruse. She continued,

“Then a few coworkers invited me to lunch. It all seemed pretty normal but then this guy who ordered two main courses announced to everyone he had to chuck a shit. He got a few laughs but frankly, it put me off my meal”

Laura tried to fight back the urge to laugh as she continued, 

“Then I get a notification on my phone that he has looked up my profile again! In the toilet! I showed the table and Craig shared a story about the time she got one at 1am on a Saturday. This guy is a real saddo”

Indeed, there is a running joke at a yearly conference he attends, “has Dan looked you up on Linkedin yet?” 

A joke most are in on, except of course, Dan who still can’t figure out the nuances of his favourite social media platform. 

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