Perth corgi owner acting more like a Queen than usual

Local Perth corgi enthusiast Beryl has reportedly been acting more like a queen than usual after losing some of her high-profile competition. 

It’s no secret that Beryl had always considered herself an elite dog owner but now she has a clean run at the throne and is taking every liberty she can at the local dog park. 

A great dane owner who regularly walks his dog in the same vicinity as Beryl’s twin corgis told The Times,

“Everything about her air of superiority has escalated. It’s like she had a blue blood infusion! She’s sounding even more like Hyacinth Bucket and even looks more like she’s surveying her estate than walking a dog. You can tell she feels she was next in line for the title of corgi queen. Or just queen in general”

Thinking the dog community was exaggerated, The Times launched an investigation and was frankly shocked at what was uncovered. A local Ranger told us,

“I received a handwritten letter asking me to let every dog owner in the area know that their peasant hounds were to be leashed at all times so that her corgis could galavant in peace. It read like a royal decree”

Furthermore, she has even taken to wearing rather old timey hats. She claims it is for sun protection but most onlookers feel it’s to flex her new self-given title. 

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