Perth Driver Fumbles Around On Phone For 10mins To Get Perfect Fog-Snap For Her PSA Post About Dangerous Foggy Conditions

A selfless Perth driver’s first reaction to getting caught in this morning’s fog was to faff about on her phone for 10 mins trying to get the perfect snap for her PSA post.

At times, she was driving with next to no visibility. Partly because of the fog, partly because no one had their headlights on but mostly because she was glued to her phone trying to get the camera up while also juggling her morning coffee.

Belinda rejected claims that her actions exponentially decreased safety on the roads stating that without her post how would anyone know about the fog? She told The Times,

“It’s not like you can just look out your windscreen window and assess the visibility conditions for yourself. People look to their favourite FB groups for guidance on regular winter weather conditions. My PSA saved lives”

A defensive driving expert said that while their conventional advice was to slow down, put your headlights on and exercise caution, there “could be a place” for pissfarting around on your phone to post something that people can see for themselves. Adding,

“Ultimately, if these drivers can be pinged for using their phone and take themselves out of the road ecosystem I think we’ll all be better off. That’s about the only positive I can think of”

Belinda is not alone. With an estimated 40% of Perth drivers being unable to resist the call of the fog-snap while operating their automobiles.

We spoke to Troy whose post had already racked up 45 likes on a local whinge page. He told The Times,

“I’m not gonna say I’m a hero or nothing but I reckon I’m not far off. All the comments were just roasting me for using me phone while driving but now they know about the foggy conditions ay. So guess who’s winning?”

It seems we owe all of these neglectful motorists a big thank you for their tireless work to save us from having to use our own ocular abilities this morning. 

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