Parents squirm awkwardly after kids ask them what Pinky’s was like back in their day

A lovely day on Rottnest island turned awkward after a visit to the infamous Pinky’s Beach. It seems the parents were unable to hide their sly grins & eye twinkles from their growing and ever-curious children. 

At around 2:45 pm on Sunday, Cara & Jason’s eldest daughter was enjoying making a little sand castle on Pinky’s Beach before turning around and loudly asking her parents if they had ever played in this sand. 

Alas, It was a day a young parental unit knew would come as soon as their kids learned to speak. Moreso, it was a question they feared could possibly come up. Jason immediately went into sugarcoating mode to try and throw his intuitive kids off the scent. He told The Times,

“I never want to lie to my kids but at the same time, I can’t tell them what happened at leavers in ‘99. What their mother and I got up to. It’s just not right. So I told them that her mother and I had enjoyed a gleeful evening of innocent finger puppetry that I wouldn’t recommend due to the chafe”

Cara’s palms immediately went to her face as she tried to mentally process Jason’s weird and clunky explanation. After downing several glasses of pre-ferry Prosecco she told The Times,

“I think our kids know we aren’t so old that we used to play with bloody finger puppets. I told them Pinky’s used to be a place that mummies & daddies would go to when they loved each other very much and wanted to enjoy fish fingers & chips”

Jason instantly nodded in approval. Agreeing that her metaphor for what they remember Pinky’s Beach as was much smoother than his. He chirped,

“Yes, exactly right, ay ay captain birdseye! You’d use to call him. Tell you what their mother may as well be in a police line up the way she used to get fing…”

Jason was able to stop himself only due to an acute awareness of the building awkward tension in the air. Thankfully, the kids will only absorb the encounter into their subconscious and have to deal with that hurt locker much later in life. 

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