Perth woman embraces Nyoongar seasonal calendar to manage expectations over subpar Spring weather

A Perth woman has finally made the change she needed to in order to stop being bitterly disappointed by the so-called “spring” weather.

Instead of bitterly lamenting another mediocre Spring day she embraced the fact that it’s actually a pretty solid Djilba day given it at least isn’t pissing down. She told The Times,

“I used to be a chronic complainer about the weather but that’s because I was basing all my hopes & dreams on a rigid 4 season system. In my mind, Spring was meant to constantly be sprung but in my heart, I knew it was often a steaming pile of shit”

Under her new frame of thought, she knows September is a classic wildcard when it comes to weather. It has helped her with her inner peace immensely, she told The Times,

“Ordinarily, I’d plan brunch with the girls in September and go troppo when the day rolled around and it was a bleak, overcast, windy mess. Now, I just say, classic Djilba! And take what I’m given”

Embracing the Nyoongar seasonal calendar has also helped her manage her expectations over the sometimes “slow” start to summer. Finally accepting that summer really snaps, crackles & pops in Bunuru. Adding,

“Yeah, I was the one going nuts over crappy days in December too. I think I always knew the start of December had average weather but I was just in denial. I’m fixed now”

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