Got a head like a zombie? Good news, a film set in Albany wants you

Well, well, well, ever wanted to get into acting but worried you have the easy going looks of a microwaved McChicken that that the hambuglar and his buddies just ran a train on? Fear no more.

Perth production company The Penguin Empire has put out a casting call for the film We Bury the Dead that will be shot in WA’s own Great Southern. Contact details at bottom of article.

Now, obviously the Albany residents have a fantastic advantage when it comes to being casted here.

Their all-year tan, lack of urgency and inability to navigate obstacles like potholes makes the entire town look like an episode of the Walking Dead.

Of course, perhaps they aren’t after the slow moving variety of zombie and would prefer some of the faster moving types that enjoy a mighty jaw swing in the Casino smoking area on a Saturday morning.

Other fantastic spots to recruit would be at a metropolitan Coles or Woolies at 10:30 on a Sunday morning.

Hordes of the damned congregate before the roller shutters in a mindless but menacing display. These types come with plenty of moaning to make the experience authentic.

Plenty of choices.

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If you’re interested get in touch with them at: [email protected].

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