Western suburb’s bouncers find Rocky Bay biffo too traumatic to watch

Footage of a bitta push & shove at Rocky Bay has sent shockwaves through the Western Suburbs bouncer community who have had to relive mentally the horrors of tussling with Golden Triangle kids.

The footage shows a group of lads engaged in more of a rolling rugby maul than a “brawl” which I’m sure everyone would agree is far more fearsome than the trained fists of a Mandurah bruiser.

We spoke to Adam* who regularly stands on the door at a range of western suburb venues who said it was all too raw,

“I could hear the threats to get me fired and for dads to be suing me. Angry golden triangle kids are like wild animals when they get paternal litigation on their mind after we have to usher them out of a venue”

Similarly, another crowd controller wasn’t able to make it through the couple of minutes video due to the wounds it was reopening. He told The Times,

“All I could hear is kids telling me their shoes cost more than I earn in a week and that I should get a proper job. You haven’t stared into the heart of darkness until you’ve had to evict a western suburbs kid from a venue for being too pissed. Truly horrifying”

Meanwhile, the Golden Triangle has launched an investigation into the biffo to figure out how their reputation has been sullied.

A key resident of the GT claimed he had serious doubts anyone born within the privileged postcodes had anything to do with this and claims it was the work of blow-ins. Adding,

“A brawl? In the Golden Triangle! How absurd. This is the worst thing to happen since the tax changes on superannuation over $3M. I have even heard some of those boats were launched via a trailer. From a car without Barbagallo licence plates. How much more evidence do you need?”

Sounds like conclusive proof to The Times.


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