Productivity concerns for Baldivis as half its population could be a little tired this week

There are grave fears not much construction work will be getting done in Baldivis during the first half of the week as half the suburb’s population will likely be shaking off a brutal 3 am kick-off of the Rugby World Cup final.

Baldivis has well above the State’s average of both Saffa and Kiwi residents and both nations are decidedly rugby-mad.

The only real question is whether they will go on a Saturday night bender or start their madness on Sunday morning.

We spoke to a scaffolder who said he was opting to start “now”, adding,

“Chur bro, it’s always a tough call at 3 am, so I just decided to get on it now and keep charging into tomorrow. Then if we win I’ll have to keep celebrating, chur g! I won’t be at work until at least Wednesday”

On the other side of the coin we spoke to a Springboks fan who said he would be conserving all his energy for the game. Noting that starting drinking at 3 am would be “fairly tough”, adding,

“BOKKE BOKKE BOKKE! Ja boy! The might Springboks will triumph! I’ve got a carton of Castle ready to go and will be knocking the top off at about 2:45 am. It’s going to cause havoc on my sleep pattern but it’s rugby boy!”

Accordingly, builders across the area have already conceded that not much will be getting done for the first half of the week. Whether the fans are celebrating or drowning their sorrows it’s unlikely there will be many fresh faces on Monday morning.

In an unrelated note, the other major minority in Baldivis (the English) will still be sulking from their cricket world cup efforts so probably rule them out for having a blinding start to the week too.

Absolute scenes in Baldivis.

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