Regional WA netball team tells Gina – we’ll rebrand as the “Western Coal Miners” for a taste of that $15M

A less discerning WA regional club has sent an open letter to Hancock Prospecting advising that they’ll rename themselves the “Ginas”, the “Western Coal Miners” or “whatever the fark you want” in exchange for a slice of that sponsorship pie. 

The plea comes after Hancock Prospecting withdrew its $15M sponsorship offer to Netball Australia. Accordingly, other netty teams in Australia figure the big girl has $15M to spend elsewhere… Why not them?

We spoke to the treasurer of the regional WA netty club who told The Times,

“We still haven’t got half the shitters fixed in the clubhouse. Plus we had to raise the price of a pint at the clubhouse up to $11 recently. We are losing people, mate. Give us some of that cash Gina ya big’ole”

The president went on to say that the club “didn’t give a shit” if “that kinda coin” was on the table. Adding,

“Regional sport is so underfunded. We aren’t in a position to be picky. We just want to keep our club going so if we need to stroke the ego of some bloated sack of mining shit to do that we will. Oi, can yous not report what I just said about Gina then?”

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We understand that Gina is taking the application seriously but will require the club to not only be rebranded as the Western Coal Ginas but also wear a uniform modelled closely on a piece of the fossil fuel environment destroyer. 

An unofficial spokesperson for Hancock Prospecting told The Times,

“How goods coal, how goods regional netball, how good is this desperate team’s desire to do anything that it takes? We even are in the process of negotiating that they apply dark grey makeup to their faces to look like coal miners when they play. Hey, it’s $15M. Bend those knees ladies”

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