WA tradie on notice after failing to hit his “fuckens per sentence” KPI

A difficult conversation went down today between a WA sparky and his employer after several senior tradesmen on site observed the young man failing to swear at the acceptable WA construction industry level.

The sparky in question, Nathan, is known as a quietly spoken individual on site. However, this is apparently no excuse for squeezing in some “fuckens” when talking to other tradies on site. His employer told The Times,

“Fucken get this fucken call roight, this dumb dog is pissing everycunt off again. Some say he’s gone without a good cuss in over forty 5 fucken minutes. He even seen a completely blown fuse and didn’t declare cuntsfucked. Unacceptable”

Nathan was told that if he didn’t filthen up his language he could find himself without a job. His employer also took exception to his well-groomed beard, gelled hair, and immaculate uniform. Adding,

“This is fucken residential. He’s on a real man’s soite now and he can fucken get with the program or blow it out his arrrrse mate. Fancy prick even done a year of electrical engineering at some snowflake uni. I should knock his block off for that”

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We spoke to Nathan who said he enjoyed a bit of swearing as much as the next guy but 3 years working FIFO put him off the art. Adding,

“Some of these guys are slipping effin’ & jeffin’ into sentences so much I can barely understand them. I’m all for a bit of horseplay but I’m a professional electrician. Plus when these guys get swearing they get too excited and I get covered in slag, it’s disgusting”

We can report that after a very animated discussion with his supervisors Nathan has agreed to up his profanity game and be a team player. In fact, he even described smoko as too “bloody” short today. A small step in the right direction. 

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