Young parents find their Spotify Wrapped is looking way too similar to Bunbury City Councils

It’s a story that a lot of young parents will be experiencing. Formally “hip” and “with it”, now forced to listen to children’s songs on repeat to hypnotise their child for long enough to con a few minutes of peace & quiet. 

Alas, they have found strange bedfellows with the Bunbury City Council who have led the world in the number of plays of Hot Potato. A source close to the Council told The Times,

“Banger. Total banger. Obviously, society says you can’t play bangers to the homeless though. At a music memorial shell of all places. It has great acoustics. Anyway, don’t want to get into all that again”

We spoke to Scott, an ageing millennial, who said that looking at his Spotify wrapped 2023 playlist drove yet another nail into his youthful coffin. Adding,

“If I’m honest I have actually come to appreciate the music The Wiggles make. It’s nuanced and layered. I think I may be suffering from some level of Stockholm syndrome but between The Wiggles, Bluey, Cocomelon, and child sedatives, I can reclaim some sanity”

Scott’s wife agreed. She went as far to say that during their “special moments” she found it hard to get over the line if she couldn’t hear the faint sound of child’s entertainment in the background. Adding,

“I’m not a sicko. I just know that when that crap is on our kids are occupied. It allows us to sneak off for a quickie and if that’s a crime lock me up”

The blow comes after the couple realised that The Wiggles concert last year was the hardest they’ve rocked out in half a decade. Read all about that HERE.

Accordingly, the couple has vowed to change up their choices after feeling about as uncool as one can – “you never want to go full Bunbury City Council”.

Very true.