Davo from Fox Footy comment sections shocked Maynard’s lawyers haven’t reached out to him

Former mushroom expert and armchair lawyer Davo is shocked that Brayden Maynard’s lawyers haven’t reached out to him despite his vast and comprehensive knowledge of tribunal law.

Since the weekend, Davo has generously offered thousands of words in free legal opinion in the comment section of Fox Footy’s Facebook page. One such opinion has picked up a bit of steam with many of his learned friends offering contrary views. It reads,

“Oi shitforbrains.. Nothen in it ! he exercised his juty of care n thaaats that! ! it is my contension it was a footy act as defined by the relevent statues of the law, tribunal will be bound precedence cos no intent!!! WHRE WAS THE INTENT.. 0 weeks and up the pies!!!! How bloody soft is this game getting.. That shuld over ride any decision”

A stunningly nuanced argument that got its fair share of hate in return. One such learned friend challenged Davo on a point of law and pointed out that the act which is the subject of the rough conduct charge didn’t need to be intended if it was careless.

What happened next may be described as one of the most brutal legal takedowns of all time. Davo responded,

“Typikal muppet.. Knows nothing bout the law.. Lol.. pick a time to meat up if u wanna learn more about severe impact, high contact hits to th e head,, mate… up the pies!!!! Maynard innocent”

We managed to speak to Davo who was good enough to take a moment out of his busy day to discuss the legal issues of the case with us. He told The Times,

“I’m worried Maynard’s legal counsel are going to miss the key point that the game is getting too bloody soft. I keep ringing the club but they won’t give me the number of the KC representing him. So I’ve just been ringing every barrister in Melbourne today”

That’s dedication Davo. Truly one of the finest legal minds in our country.

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